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area rug binding products provided by Majestic Floors And More LLC in the Waunakee, Wi area

Area Rug Binding

Why is area rug binding so important?

If you find yourself in need of area rug binding, or if you’re having a custom area rug made with a custom binding added, then you’re going to want to follow along and find out more about this topic. It might seem like a trivial aspect of the project, however, it’s one of the most important.

Making sure your area rug is bound appropriately is the best way to stop the sides of your rugs from unraveling as daily wear sets in. If you’re unsure exactly what type of binding you need, we want to help. So, continue reading along with us as we talk a bit more about it.

Choose your area rug binding carefully

There are several ways to accomplish your local area rug binding. There are few differences between them other than the appearance and the way the binding will serve you, but you’ll still want to make sure you make your choice after hearing about all of them.

A standard binding is functional, durable, and the most affordable of the binding options. It utilizes binding tape that matches your area rug to create a gorgeous look of continuity. Serging is a binding technique that uses yarn that is whipstitched to create a more finished look. A great variety of color is available in this option.

Fringe, which is most often used in oriental rug binding, comes in your choice of wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers and can be knotted or unknotted, to create a wonderful, decorative look. Finally, you have hand binding and hand serging, both of which are virtually invisible, extremely labor-intensive, and creates a very protected edge for your area rugs.

If you have more questions or would like to arrange to have your area rugs bound, feel free to visit us at your convenience.

For the best in area rug binding

Here at Majestic Floors and More LLC, your satisfaction with your flooring project is our primary goal. At our custom area rug store, we start working towards that goal as soon as you walk into our Waunakee, Wisconsin showroom. We’ll get to know you, your upcoming flooring project, and your requirements to assure that our associates find the best way to meet your needs.

For those in the areas of Waunakee, Madison, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and Verona, you are invited to visit us with your specific needs today. As a trustworthy area rug binding provider, we look forward to earning your business.

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