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Blog > Three tips for choosing a hardwood flooring color for your home

Three tips for choosing a hardwood flooring color for your home

Friday, June 24, 2022 12:00 AM
Wood flooring is an excellent choice for any home, with impressive features in every piece. One of your choices will be color; we know this can be tough.

The perfect color can match your decor and keep you current for years to come. And here are three tips for choosing one perfect for your household.

Consider these flooring color considerations as you shop

1. Darker colors bring an air of sophistication
Dark wood stain isn't suitable for everyone, but it adds sophistication and elegance. These rich hues could be perfect for specific rooms, and our hardwood flooring company provides plenty.
Dark colors can also make rooms look smaller. This might not be a perfect choice if you have a small space already.

2. Light colors make rooms look bigger
Choose a light wood stain to open up smaller rooms, making them appear larger. Beige is a great color for this purpose, offering excellent decor matching choices.
Matching and contrasting window treatments and decor add even more visual appeal. They are also easy to keep clean, especially over time.

3. Think about incoming sunlight when choosing a color
Natural light can change the way your wood flooring looks throughout the day. Consider viewing your favorite color in both natural and artificial light.

Also, be aware that UV rays can damage hardwood over time. Discuss your needs with an associate while shopping for the best results.

Visit us today for floor colors you'll love

Majestic Floors and More LLC is a great place to choose hardwood flooring for your next project. Our associates will work with you on the colors that meet your needs in every room.

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