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Blog > How to choose between light or dark-colored hardwood flooring?

How to choose between light or dark-colored hardwood flooring?

Friday, May 13, 2022 1:41 PM Hardwood Flooring

There has always been the question of whether light or dark wood flooring is better. You'll want to make a personal choice based on your needs.

Each color choice carries certain benefits that will serve you well. Here are some facts that could help you choose your options faster.

What to know about dark colors

Dark wood colors and stains make a large, spacious area seem cozier. However, making rooms feel smaller is an advantage in some cases and can create a great ambiance.

The rich tones could be what you need for a perfect decor match. And you'll love the trends available in this solid hardwood flooring option.

Another popular feature of dark hardwood is that it doesn't fade the way others can. It reflects instead of absorbing light for stunning results for life.

What to know about light colors

In contrast to dark colors, light hardwood options make spaces feel larger and airier. They also hide debris instead of highlighting it for cleaner-looking floors longer.

These options are perfect if you want to create contrast with furnishings and decor. You'll see lots of versatility in this color option, too, especially for living rooms.

With many excellent wood flooring trends available, you'll not likely see these particular colors go out of style. Instead, they'll keep you current for many years to come.

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